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Instructions for use

1. Attach the silicone parts to the two lower feet. These prevent any potential signs of use that can occur on the pot or pan.
2. Topfi is placed on the edge of the pot. 
3. The pot lid is secured to the pot, leaving a small opening so that steam can escape during the cooking process and water doesn’t boil over.
4. During cooking, the pot lid can be lifted up, allowing you to stir the contents of your pots and pans.



product features

      • stainless steel
      • dishwasher safe
      • food safe
      • dimensions: width 3.15 in height 3.82 in
      • for pots and pans from Ø 6 in to Ø 12 in
      • Made in Germany



        Hints and Tips

        • Slight marks can appear on coated or uncoated pots and pans after use.
        • To prevent fire risk, never expose the Topfi to open flames.
        • When using the Topfi, the pot lid does not close completely, allowing steam to escape and preventing contents from boiling over. Be careful of escaping steam to avoid scalding.
        • It’s normal for the Topfi to show signs of wear after repeated use.
        • During long cooking sessions, the Topfi can become hot, so it’s recommended you handle it with oven gloves to prevent burns.
        • It’s possible that the Topfi will fall off your pans if you bump into them.
        • The Topfi is designed only to be used as a holder for pot lids and pan lids.
        • Topfi fits on almost every pot and pan.



        Hints and Tips

        • Do not expose to an open flame or gas burner as there is a risk of fire.
        • Escaping steam can cause burns.
        • Not suitable for children due to small, swallowable parts.



        To B2B customers:

        If you are interested in selling the Topfi, please contact us directly at:


        Utility model protection & word mark protection
        Registration by: Rheinpatent®

        Kodron & Mackert GbR patent attorneys
        Hindenburgplatz 3b, 55118 Mainz

        Protection of utility models (DE)
        File number 20 2022 102 113.9

        word mark (DE)
        File number 30 2022 110 705.8