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Wo lege ich den Topfdeckel beim Kochen ab?

Where do I put the pot lid when cooking?

For years we have faced the same problem every day: "Where do I put the lid of the pot while cooking?". Every time again the annoying wiping away of grease and water stains on the beautiful worktop. On vacation in a canteen kitchen, we found the problem even more acute. The kitchens were too small to store the large pot lids. The lid was held by hand, leaving only one hand for cooking. The problem was also visible at the buffet in the hotel. Guests had to hold the lid of the pot to get the hot food out.

Then we asked friends, and yes, they all had the same problem. An additional shelf outside of the pot on the work surface was out of the question, that again takes up far too much space. So the idea was born to develop a space-saving pot lid holder that can be attached to the pot. It has now taken 2 years from this idea to the finished product and we are proud to be able to present the product to you. It was an ongoing process: starting with the right angle of the bracket so that as many lids as possible can be held, through the constant adjustments to the samples produced, to the finished logo. Now a suitable name was needed.

Everyone in the team made suggestions. In the end it became simple and clear: Topi. Our potty now impresses with its design, intelligent function and durable material. A lot of time has passed, but developing and creating is even more fun with such a great team. We are proud of our potty! It's perfect for anyone who loves to cook and makes a great gift idea. See for yourself! A small bracket with a big effect

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